Colorado Love

"Here's to all the places we went.
And all the places we'll go.
And here's me, whispering again and again and again,
'I love you.'"

Drew recently moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and I made my first trip out in early October. While long distance has its own obstacles, I can't complain about having such a great place to visit and go on adventures in. Fort Collins is a lovely little town full of cute shops, eateries, and, not to mention, breweries. I flew in late Friday night and we had a bonfire before heading to bed. Saturday morning came and we headed off into the mountains for some hiking. 

We drove through Estes Park and up into Rocky Mountain National Park to the Fern Lake trailhead. The weather was perfect in the mid-60's, just enough for a light jacket.

Here's my question to Colorado natives: Are you ever not in complete awe of the mountains? Do you ever get used to seeing them? The entire drive, the entire hike, the entire weekend, I was just awestruck. Trying to take it all in.

Pictures can't begin to capture the magnificent beauty of the Rockies. A new sight to see around each twist and turn of the rocky trail. The colors. The yellows, the reds, the deep greens. Hopping on boulders over streams and inadvertently getting lost on the way to the waterfalls. 

A perfect time of the year to go hiking, when everything is changing colors. Alive, but on its way out. Soon to be covered in snow. We made our mark on a tree stump, just as we did on our trip last year, to carry on the Colorado tradition. 

Five hours and eight miles later, our tummies were growling and our feet were growing tired. After a quick drive to Bear Lake, we made our way back to Fort Collins for some dinner and a nightcap. 

My brother, Greg, just recently bought a house in the small town of Ault, just about fifteen minutes from Drew. We met up with Greg for breakfast at a little ma' and pa' diner by the name of Loveland Breakfast Club. Life is strange, isn't it? Drew moves to Colorado and Greg gets transferred with his job only fifteen minutes away. It is taking everything in me to not just pick up and move. Who would mind a change of scenery if it involved mountains? 

Sunday afternoon included a tour of downtown Fort Collins and a trip to the New Belgium Brewery. Let's not forget the Pizza Casbah for dinner. (Sure, the mountains were great... but this pizza...) 

All in all, everything was pretty perfect. Anxiously awaiting my next trip.