Greg + Brittany

I'm the youngest of four and the only girl. We are all three years apart and Greg is the closest to me in age. If we're being honest... Greg and I grew up hating each other, as I think most siblings do. He was a senior when I was a freshman and he made fun of me publicly every chance he got. 

Fast forward 7 years to when I transferred to Iowa State. Our relationship took a drastic turn. We grew very close and he was often the one I would turn to when I needed a shoulder to cry on (sometimes quite literally, in the back room of Paddy's) or someone to just listen (aka, drink with me). 

Fast forward another 7 years. I'm in Nebraska and he's in Colorado. Neighboring states, sure, but over 8 hours lie between us.

Sometimes, with that distance, you feel like you miss out on the big things. For instance, earlier this year, Greg texted me to tell me that he met someone. Someone with the kindest heart of anyone he had ever known. Brittany. After meeting the whole family a couple months into dating, we gave Greg our roaring approval. A few weeks later, Greg texted me to tell me he was going to propose. Followed by ring photos. Followed by a proposal video. Followed by me booking my flight to Colorado to capture their love.

To Brittany, I just want to say thank you. For bringing out a side in Greg I've never seen before. For giving him the love that he is so deserving of. For being the person that he will turn to in his moments of need. For your thoughtfulness and how welcoming you've been to our family, as weird as we may be. You're about to be a part of it. :)

I love you both!


I'm so incredibly happy for them. I can't wait to officially welcome Brittany to the family.