"Kelly was such a joy to have in our home. She was professional, punctual, and patient with us when life happened in between shots. I was blown away by her images. She captures the magic in what we may only see as everyday interactions with the people we love. I am so thankful that she created a little time capsule of this special season of our life, and would love to work with her again."

— Kristen and Josh Hoffman


"Our engagement pictures were beyond our expectations and we were completely overwhelmed with how beautiful they all turned out! Seriously every. single. one! Kelly really took her time and added her talent and professionalism to each shot and captured our love and excitement! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and we now have precious moments that have been beautifully captured to treasure and cherish forever."

— Brittany and Greg Bentley


"Where to begin? I could say that Kelly is professional and insanely talented,  but that is a given. Kelly's photography has a special and unique ability to stir up emotion. I tend to judge a photo by my emotional reaction, and when we got our proofs back from Kelly, we couldn't stop smiling and we couldn't stop talking about them. 
Kelly took photos that we used for our Christmas card, and these were just a few of the compliments we received: 'We are so in love with your love!' 'This is the best card we've ever gotten. The expressions that were captured say so much about your family.'
Kelly's continual pursuit of perfection is evident in all she does and her work speaks for itself. We hope that Kelly will continue to capture our family's milestones for many years to come!"

— Sally and Rob Morrissey

"Kelly is a true artist. She is so very skilled at making people comfortable and capturing those true-to-life moments and expressions that are priceless in the eyes of a mother."

— Susie Kaup


"When we originally approached Kelly, we had the perfect Christmas card picture in mind. And she delivered. You know the one. Perfect family, sitting nicely, everyone looking at the camera, and GASP... smiling! When sifting through our pictures, I started to notice something else... something different. I was actually drawn to the pictures of "moments." Moments of my children laughing, playing, skipping and just plain walking. Moments of parents, myself and my husband, arms crossed, eyes focused on two beautiful baby girls... not the camera. And one particular shot of myself. I realized, I look older. She certainly didn't try to hide those wrinkles near my eyes. The ones I get when I smile. A real smile. When my mom saw the picture, she said, 'You must have been looking at the girls in this photo, you look so happy.' I answered, 'I was happy. I was looking at my husband.'" 

— ALex downing


"I hired Kelly to take family pictures during and after my youngest son's graduation party. I didn't want the tired, old, posed pictures — instead I wanted photos that would accurately reflect the day. Kelly was terrific and we didn't even know she was taking pictures most of the time. What we received were candid, touching, beautiful memories. I think Kelly has a talent to see beyond the picture, and that is definitely a quality that shows through in her art."

— Kathy Broniecki